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  • Definition
  • Definition

    An associate member is a person engaged in the manufacture and/or sale of machinery, equipment, materials, publications, services or supplies purchased or used by persons engaged in the promotional products business, but not for resale to advertisers.

Membership Requirements

To qualify for membership in the Corporation as an associate member, an applicant must be engaged in the business of supplying the promotional products industry with machinery, equipment, materials, publications (including periodicals, catalogues, business forms), services (freight, courier, or similar services) or supplies for use by the industry in the conduct of its business, and not for re-sale to advertisers.

Membership fees

Become a PPPC associate member

for only $650 annually + applicable taxes.

Application Process

Processing of a membership application cannot commence unless all required items are submitted.An application must include the completed application form, a description of the products and/or services offered, a copy of the applicant’s business license and/or registration or incorporation document and full payment of the membership and registration fees.


Should all required items be provided, the applicant’s credit history be positive and the application be approved by the Membership Committee of the Board of Directors, the application is automatically accepted. Please note that if accepted as a member of the Association, the applicant is subject to a one (1) year probationary period.

Membership Fees

Associates pay an annual flat fee of $650*. *Taxes excluded. *Fees are subject to change


Should an application be refused by the Membership Committee, the applicant may appeal to the Association’s full board. In this case, the applicant must await the next full board meeting, which may be up to six months later. When an application is either cancelled or refused, the applicant is reimbursed the fee which was received with the application.

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